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The Ohio VOAD Mission and Our 4 'C' Connection

Our Mission: To bring together voluntary organizations active in disaster services to foster effective response to the people of Ohio in time of disaster through:

  1. Cooperation: Interdependence between the members of Ohio VOAD, which generates resources aiid information in response to disaster challenges faced as partners by,
    1. Sharing the capacities, resources and abilities of each organization to respond to disaster,
    2. Working in concert with afl members before, during and after the disaster.
  2. Communication: Interface of information among our member organizations by maintaining open channels of information sharing through:
    1. Internet e-mail and website
    2. Conference Calls,
    3. Publication of minutes, training manuals and disaster assessment and response reports, and
    4. Scheduled meetings.
  3. Coordination: Committed to effective response to disaster survivors; matching services to needs through:
    1. Advanced planning of the disaster response process,
    2. Preparation of disaster response resources, and
    3. Equipping membership to operate in a coordinated process at the point of disaster
  4. Collaboration: Working with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other subsidiary organizations to respond to specific disasters through interaction with:
    1. County EMA directors, Emergency Operation Centers and disaster response staging areas,
    2. Emergency Operation Center of the Ohio EMA
    3. Liaisons of FEMA

For more information, please contact us: Chair Mary Woodward at 740.732.6700 or The Ohio VOAD Secretary